Egress FQDN View Log

The FQDN View Log allows you to immediately view what hostnames and sites have been blocked or passed on the FQDN gateway. Select the gateway and download the text file for the FQDN log.

For audit and compliance, we recommend that you to use one of our integrated logging tools.

There are additional functions associated with the FQDN View page.

Detaching or Disabling FQDN

To disable FQDN function for a specific VPC/VNet, select the gateway, click Actions > Detach/Disable FQDN.

Removing a Tag

If you like to remove a specific tag associated with a FQDN tag, select the gateway, click Actions > Remove Tag.

Downloading Logs

For FQDN log on a specific gateway, select the gateway, click Actions > Download Logs.

Editing Pass-through

This feature allows you to specify traffic originated from certain subnets to only be NATed and bypass FQDN filter function.

This configuration applies to a specific FQDN gateway.

To configure, go to Security > Egress Control > Egress FQDN Gateway View. Select a gateway and click Actions > Edit Pass-through. Select a subnet or multi select subnets to allow bypass the filter.

To configure, select one gateway, click Actions > Edit Pass-through. Select one or multiple source subnets in the VPC/VNet and click Add to allow these subnets to be bypassed. You can also enter IP address range manually. Enter a list of IPs separated by comma.