Peering Over Route Limit

This document explains how to set up Aviatrix encrypted peering that overcomes CSP route limits.

Click here to learn about Designated Gateway feature.

  1. At the Gateway menu, create a gateway in an existing VPC/VNet and make sure the option Designated Gateway is selected.

  2. (Optional) If your VPC/VNet CIDR is outside RFC 1918 range (, and, you should expand the Designated Gateway coverage by editing the Designated Gateway. Highlight the gateway you just created and click Edit. Scroll down to find Edit Designated Gateway section, follow the instructions to add additional CIDR ranges.

  3. Repeat the step 1 and step 2 for a different VPC/VNet.

  4. (Optional) To enable Peering HA, go to Peering > Encrypted Peering > New peering, select the two gateways launched in the previous two steps.

    Select Enable HA if you wish to build a backup encrypted tunnel for HA. Note that you must first create two respective backup gateways prior to this step.

    To launch backup gateways, go to the Gateway page, select the gateway, click Edit, At the Gateway for High Availability Peering field, select one subnet (public subnet for AWS, GCP, or OCI) and click Create.

  1. Go to Peering > Encrypted Peering, and click New Peering to peer the two