Rescure PKI Agent Certificate

How To Rescure The Expiring Certificate of a PKI Agent

  1. Make sure the machine is powered on. If it is not, please turn it on.

  2. Login Aviatrix Controller.

  3. Navigate to Troubleshoot->Diagnostics->Gateway->Service Actions.

  4. Enter gateway name for the dropdown “Gateway”.

  5. Select “PKI” for the dropdown “Service”.

  6. Select “Restart” for the dropdown “Actions and click “OK” button” and click “OK” to confirm.

  7. Wait for 30 seoncds.

  8. Select “Status” for dropdown “Actions and click “OK” button and confirm.

  9. In the “Show Results” box below, make sure the service is active and stably running (look for the line “Active: active (running) since”).

  10. If the result indicates the service is active (running) for more than 30 seconds, the problem is solved”.

If you have any problem with following the steps above, please contact Aviatrix Support.

How to Rescure The Expired Certificate of a PKI Agent

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