Transit List

Config Private VPC Default Route

This feature allows to configure default route in private VPC only. This is only supported for AWS Spoke gateway.

Skip Public VPC Route Table

Route Table Optimization allows customer to skip public VPC route table programming. This is only supported for AWS Spoke gateway and ActiveMesh 2.0. Customize Spoke CIDR and this feature are mutually exclusive.

Auto Advertise Spoke Site2Cloud CIDRs

Dynamic Route updates on Spoke for Site2Cloud allows regional redundancy for Overlapping and Non-overlapping CIDRs.

Route will be Auto Advertised or Removed for Remote and Local Virtual CIDRs when:
  1. S2C connection is created/deleted

  2. S2C connection status change up/down

  3. Spoke to Transit link goes down

This feature is supported for mapped S2C connections only and on the following clouds.
  • AWS and AWS-Gov

  • GCP

  • Azure and Azure-Gov