AWS Global Transit Network

AWS Reference Deployment Guide

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Aviatrix is a next generation cloud networking solution built from the ground up for the public cloud. For transit VPC design, Aviatrix provides one console for building, managing, monitoring and troubleshooting all aspects of your network connectivity. The console (controller) gives users the ability to implement Transit VPC design with a point-and-click (no CLI), API and Terraform.

The configuration guide can be found at this link.

Comparing Aviatrix Global Transit Network Solution with CSR1000v Solution

The Aviatrix Solution has the following benefits compared to CSR1000v:

Simplicity No Cisco CCIE, BGP, VRF and IPSEC domain expertise is required. The Aviatrix central controller builds and manages your network with software defined routing and point and click solutions deploying in minutes.

No Double Egress Charge Aviatrix supports direct Spoke VPC to Spoke VPC connectivity without going through a transit VPC, which incurs twice the egress network charges.

Isolation By Design An AWS Transit VPC solution with CSR1000v automatically builds a full mesh network among all Spoke VPCs, which breaks enterprise security posture as different Spoke VPCs can be owned by different business units. With the Aviatrix solution no connectivity is established until you specify.

Highly Available Built-in gateway redundancy supports hot standby and failover in seconds.

Scalable There are no limits on the number of spoke VPCs can be connected to on-prem via hub VPC. Aviatrix Designated Gateway summarizes all routes. Gateways can scale-up, scale-down or scale-out with a few clicks.

Visibility A central dashboard monitors, displays and alerts link status and link latency.

Additional Benefits Stateful firewall at the gateway to enforce security policies. OpenVPN® based user access allows end to end cloud network solution. For more details, check out

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