Aviatrix Platform Overview

Aviatrix® cloud networking software allows you to easily build your cloud network backbone, connect gateways in different regions, cloud service providers (CSPs), or data centers, and extend your applications to the edge of your network. Aviatrix allows you to uniformly create and manage CSP native objects and Aviatrix solutions across your secured multi-cloud network. A suite of embedded Aviatrix security solutions protects your network, and highly customizable monitoring tools provide you with mile-high and granular views of activity anywhere in your network at any point in time.

Aviatrix Secure Cloud Network

Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform

The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform provides safe and reliable connections between users, devices, cloud native services and applications. You can easily add Aviatrix spoke gateways to your cloud network backbone creating secure ingress and egress points for your network. Aviatrix supports standard application layer protocols used to manage traffic and access to your critical applications. The same high-availability, performance, security, and visibility options available on your Aviatrix cloud network backbone extend to your spoke gateways.

For more information, see Building Your Network.

Cloud Network Backbone

Aviatrix brings all your enterprise network resources together to create a resilient and secure cloud network backbone using a hub-and-spoke topology. After deploying an Aviatrix software instance in AWS, Azure, or GCP you can begin to create Aviatrix transit gateways in one or more CSPs to form the core of your cloud network. AWS and GCP virtual private clouds (VPCs), Azure virtual networks (VNets), and OCI virtual cloud networks (VCNs) can then seamlessly integrate into your Aviatrix secure cloud backbone.

Aviatrix software gives you advanced cloud network capabilities and features not offered by individual CSPs. Features such as BGP path prepending, alternative path routing, full-mesh ECMP high-availability, and auto-scaling allow you to design a resilient cloud network infrastructure that dynamically prioritizes application performance and ensures connectivity when primary routes are not available.

For more information, see Distributed Cloud Firewall and Security.

Edge Networking

Aviatrix edge solutions extend your network and cloud applications to data centers, branch locations, and IoT nodes. The enterprise level performance, security, and visibility capabilities required for your Aviatrix cloud network backbone are also available on the edge of your network. Deploy Aviatrix gateways on edge devices anywhere you need processing power with core network reliability and security. You can create edge gateways for high-speed cloud connections, including AWS Direct Connect, Azure ExpressRoute, GCP Cloud Interconnect, and OCI FastConnect from locations around the world.

For more information, see Aviatrix Secure Edge.

Embedded Security

Security is built into every level of your Aviatrix network. With Aviatrix high-performance encryption (HPE) you are not bound by standard IPSec throughput limitations, so you do not need to sacrifice performance for security. Build encrypted transit connections between CSPs and CSP regions to avoid the complexity and high latencies of direct connections.

Aviatrix distributed firewalls protect your network while reducing cost and complexity. You can also integrate firewalls from partners like Check Point, F5, Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks as part of your security implementation. Network micro segmentation and role-based user polices allow you to control access to network resources and applications. With egress FQDN filtering you are protected from public internet attacks on your VMs and applications.

In addition to the security enforcement capabilities you implement, Aviatrix ThreatIQ protects your network from the latest security threats. ThreatIQ is constantly updated with information about active threats around the world. Allow Aviatrix to automatically block newly detected threats and regions with malicious activity or create custom threat lists and geo-blocking policies at the IP address or geographic region level.

For more information, see Securing your Network.

Secure Cloud Network Operations

The Aviatrix data plane provides the CoPilot™ management UI with complete visibility into your secure cloud network. With Aviatrix CoPilot you configure all your network connections, policies, and monitor all gateways and traffic on your network. Customizable monitoring tools give you views of network resource usage, performance, security threats, and financial data. Start with the CoPilot dashboard overviews and use filters to drill down on any of your Aviatrix network resources to view the history or real-time data. You can use CoPilot to design and monitor your network and the Aviatrix Terraform provider to replicate your designs and automate deployment.

For more information, see CoPilot Overview and Terraform.

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