Single-Version Upgrade for Controller and Gateways

A single-version Controller and Gateway upgrade refers to:

  • Upgrading from the current version to the latest release version within the current release.

  • Upgrading from the current release (e.g., version N) to a higher release (N+1 release).

Before you upgrade your Controller and Gateways, it is highly recommended to check the General Controller and Gateways Upgrade Guidance.

  • Before proceeding with the upgrade in the production environment, perform the upgrade in a testing environment.

  • It is important to upgrade the Controller first, ensuring it is at the desired release version.

  • Once the Controller is successfully upgraded, proceed to upgrade the Gateways.

This section instructs you on how to perform a single-version Controller and Gateway upgrade.

To perform a single-version Controller and gateway upgrade:

For multi-version Controller and Gateway upgrade, see Multiple-Version Upgrade for Controller and Gateways.