Multicloud Rosetta Stone

While some terms across the cloud computing industry are standard, such as a firewall or IP address, Aviatrix works with multiple CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) who use different vocabulary for similar concepts. This document gives you, an Aviatrix user, a comprehensive list of common cloud computing terms and their synonyms.

Aviatrix term







Attachment (way to connect to a gateway)


Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Attachment

VCN Attachment/RPC attachment

Availability Zone (AZ)

Locations in different regions that can sustain local failures. Each Availability Zone has a separate data center.

AZ (Availability Zone)

AZ (Availability Zone)

AZ (Availability Zone)

AD (Availability Domain)

Custom or user-defined routes

Routes designed by users instead of by the cloud provider

User-Defined Routing (UDR)

User-Defined Route (UDR)

Custom routes (as opposed to system routes)

Customer Gateway

Customer router that connects with VGW/TGW/DXGW

Customer Gateway (CGW)

Local network gateway

On-premises VPN Gateway

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Data storage solution

Separate components or virtual sites for cloud storage

S3 buckets (Simple Storage Service)

Azure Blob Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Object Storage service

Domain Name System (DNS)

The Domain Name System or "phonebook for the Internet" translate the domain names that are easier for humans to remember, such as, to the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses that distinguish devices, websites, and other Internet entities from each other.

Route 53 (DNS)

Azure DNS

Cloud DNS

Oracle DNS

Guard Duty + Guard Duty Enforcement

A threat detection system that can detect and eliminate threats

Amazon Guard Duty (detects threats but does not act on them)


Google Cloud Armor

Cloud Access Security Broker (CABS)

IAM (Identity Access Management)

Management of users accounts and permission – important for accessibility and security

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Azure Active Directory

Cloud IAM and Cloud Identity Aware Proxy

Oracle Identity and Access Management or Cloud Identity Cloud service (SaaS based)

Internet Gateway

A service that provides internet connection to the Virtual Machine

IGW (Internet Gateway)

Public IP Addresses are automatically able to connect to the Internet

Cloud NAT provides outgoing connectivity for the resources: Compute Engine VM

Internet Gateway (Virtual Machine) instances without external IP addresses

Load balancing

Balancing the “load” or effort of a network so that no one cloud machine is overworked.

ALB (Application Load Balancing) or Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

Azure Load Balancer or Application Gateway

Cloud Load Balancer, TCP/UDP Network Load Balancing, or Network Load Balancing

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing or Infrastructure Flexible Network Load Balancing service (Network Load Balancer)

Machine image/imaging

A virtual resource or template that contains all the information required to launch, backup, or restore an instance or virtual machine

AMI (Amazon Machine Image)

VM Image

Machine image

Custom image

NAT Gateway

Allows private subnets to connect to the Internet

NAT Gateway (Network Address Translation Gateway)

Azure NAT Gateway

Cloud NAT

NAT Gateway

Network ACL (Access Control List)

A list on a router that shows which traffic should be allowed or blocked from the system.

NACL (Network Access Control List)

Managed via NSGS (Network Security Groups)

Firewall Rules

SLs (Security Lists): Default, Custom

Network interface

A physical or digital connection and a network and a network

VIFs (Virtual Interfaces) — Public, Private, or Transit

Network interface

Network Interface

Virtual Network Interface Card (VNIC)

Physical disk/volume

Storage for cloud-related data


Data Disk


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) File Storage


Free data sharing between two providers, services, or other Internet entities

VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Peering

Virtual Network (VN) Peering

VPC (Virtual Private cloud) Network Peering

Local / Remote VCN (Virtual Cloud Network) Peering


Connection between an on-premises system and the cloud

DXGW (Direct Connect Gateway)





A separate system within a network

Public or private subnet (specified at the time of creation)

Subnet (defined as public or private by whether or not it is connected to an Internet Gateway)

Subnet (public by default; remove the default route for Internet access to make the VPC private)

Public or private subnet (specified at the time of creation)

Transit Gateway

A network transit hub that can interconnect VPCs and on-premise networks

TGW (Transit Gateway)

Azure Virtual WAN

Cloud Router (NCC)

Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG) The intermediary can be a VCN or a dynamic routing gateway (DRG) in your on-premises network

Virtual machines

A computer resource with its own operating system and functions that can run alongside similar resources (other Virtual Machines) on the same physical host machine.

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance

Azure Virtual Machine

IAAS / GCE (Google Compute Engine) or VM (Virtual Machine)/PAAS/ GAE (Google APP Engine)

Oracle Compute, including Flexible Virtual Machines and bare metal compute

VPN Gateway

Connects Site-to-Site VPN tunnels to a specific VPC/VNet/VCN

VGW (Virtual Private Gateway)

VNG (VPN Gateway)

Cloud VPN Gateway

VPN Connect