CoPilot Proxy Servers

Use the CoPilot > Settings > Configuration > Private Mode > Settings page for CoPilot proxy server management. You configure the HTTP or HTTPS proxy fields when you want to run CoPilot only on internal IPs, and use a proxy to pass updates back to those IPs.

In Private Mode, you configure these fields so that all internet-bound HTTP and HTTPS traffic initiated by CoPilot/Controller is forwarded to the Proxy Server for inspection before being allowed to enter the Internet.

If you are configuring proxy servers for Private Mode, this is only supported for AWS-based Controllers.
Field Description

HTTP Proxy

Proxy Server IP address for HTTP traffic.


Proxy Server IP address for HTTPS traffic (usually the same as the above).

Proxy CA Certificate (optional)

When a CA certificate is uploaded, the Controller and gateway expect that the Proxy Server will terminate a HTTPS request initiated by them and will initiate a new HTTPS request on behalf of them. When this option is not used, the proxy server simply forwards HTTP/HTTPS traffic.

If your proxy configuration does not match your environment, you will not be able to access the upgrade server, and other features (such as geolocation) will not be able to update their data sources.