Overview of Aviatrix Billing

The graphs, charts, and components on the Overview tab display the costs and cost metrics for your Aviatrix account. This tab is accessed in CoPilot by navigating to Billing & Cost > Aviatrix Billing > Overview.

Use the charts and graphs on the lower section of the page to see more detailed analytics of your Aviatrix costs.

Use the Time Period options above the detailed charts and graphs to adjust the time period for the data in each component.

You can use the View Itemized Bill at the bottom of the Overview tab to see a breakdown of your bill.

Graph or Chart Name Description

Total Aviatrix Cost

A bar chart that displays your total Aviatrix cost in U.S. dollars (USD) for a year, broken down by month. In the upper right you can select the calendar year you want to view.

Top Costs by Cloud

Use this donut chart to compare costs for each of your CSP accounts: AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, GCP, and others.

Top Costs by Region

Use this donut chart to compare costs for each region in your network, for all CSPs.

Top Costs by VPC/VNet

Use this horizontal bar chart to compare costs for each VPC or VNet in every CSP.

Top Costs by Cloud Account

Use this donut chart and horizontal bar graph to compare costs for each individual cloud account and cloud Account Group in every CSP.

Top Costs by Billing Unit

Use this donut chart to compare costs for various aspects or components of your network, including:

  • Inter Tunnels, Intra Tunnels, Security, and Usercount.

    Usercount is the charge per total user count, based on the number of VPN users.


Use this line graph to compare total costs in dollars for each billing metric or Cloud Account in your network per day. Use the dropdown menu in the top right to select which data categorization to use: Billing Metric or Cloud Account.

VPN User Count

Use this line graph to measure the number of VPN users by date. This graph only appears on this page if your account has UserVPN costs, and you are using a metered Aviatrix License.