Upgrade Gateways in Groups

The gateway group upgrade feature optimizes the gateway upgrade process by allowing you to categorize and manage gateway upgrades more efficiently. It enables the predefined grouping of gateways based on Cloud, Account, Region, Gateway type, Current image version, and Kernel version. By assigning the priority order of the gateway groups, the gateway group upgrade can be operated in a sequence determined by the priority levels, which can minimize the potential disruption during the gateway upgrade.

From CoPilot > Administration > Upgrade > Upgrade Plan, you can access the gateway group upgrade feature.

Subgroup Division

Upon creating the gate groups, each gateway upgrade group is automatically subdivided into two subgroups:

  • HA Group (High Availability Group) This subgroup includes gateway instances that are part of the High Availability setup. These instances are critical for ensuring uninterrupted network services during the upgrade process.

  • Primary Group This subgroup consists of primary gateway instances, which handle the regular traffic and operations within the network.

Upgrade Gateways in Groups

This gateway Upgrade group feature applies to both the software and image upgrade.To upgrade gateways in groups, perform the following steps:

  1. Create Gateway Groups. From Administration > Upgrade > Upgrade Plan>, click the + Upgrade Group and enter the group name, matching conditions, and group order. Then click Save. See Create a Gateway Group for more details.

  2. Select the groups that you want to upgrade from the listed groups.

  3. Check and adjust the priorities of gateway upgrade groups. The upgrade will upgrade the groups according to the group order sequence that has been listed. You can also reorder the group priority to change the upgrade orders of each group. See Reorder Gateway Groups.

  4. Click Prepare For Upgrade next to the +Upgrade Group. Review the listed gateway groups on the pop-up window.

  5. Choose Software Upgrade or Image Upgrade. For the software upgrade, make sure the software upgrade option is toggled on. By default, both the dry run and software upgrade are on. Then click Begin to initialize the upgrade process.

  6. (Optional) For multiple upgrade groups, click Start Next Upgrade to start the upgrade of the next group after each group upgrade completes.

  7. Monitor the upgrade group status. From the Upgrade Group Status column, you can check the upgrade group status. See Check Upgrade Group Status for more details.

Create a Gateway Upgrade Group

To create a gateway upgrade group, perform the following steps:

  1. From CoPilot > Administration > Upgrade > Upgrade Plan>, click the +Upgrade Group to create a gate upgrade group.

  2. Enter a group name.

  3. Select matching conditions: Gateway type, cloud, region, account, gateway name, current image version, and kernel version. You can combine the conditions with AND or OR.

  4. Set the upgrade order for this new gateway upgrade group. You can choose among Above, Below, Top, and Bottom relative to the existing upgrade group.

  5. Click Commit.

Reorder Gateway Upgrade Groups

By default, the gateway groups are upgraded in a sequence from top to bottom.

To change the upgrade order of a gateway group:

Tick the checkbox next to the gateway group name you intend to re-prioritize.
  1. Click the reorder icon (illustrated by the up-and-down arrows).

  2. In the pop-up window, select either Above or Below to position the Gateway Group relative to another group. You’ll need to choose the reference group from the provided drop-down list. Alternatively, select Top to move it to the beginning of the list, or Bottom to move it to the end.

  3. Click Save in Draft to save the changes without applying them.

  4. Click Commit to confirm and apply the changes.

Check Upgrade Group Status

To check the upgrade group status:

  1. Review the Upgrade Group Status column of each upgrade group. A label of Completed indicates that the upgrade of this upgrade group is finished.

  2. To check the detailed upgrade information of each gateway within the group, click the group name in the Software Upgrade section.

  3. In the pop-up window, scroll left to view the Last Upgrade/Rollback Status.

Rollback Gateway Upgrade

You cannot roll back the entire Gateway Group Upgrade. However, you can roll back the upgrade of a specific gateway by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the CoPilot > Cloud Fabric > Gateways > Gateway Management page

  2. Click Gateway Rollback to roll back a specific gateway upgrade.

Be aware that a gateway upgrade rollback will cause temporary service disruption.

Upgrade all Gateway Groups

If you want to upgrade all gateway groups in a listed sequence, perform the following steps:

  1. From CoPilot > Administration > Upgrade > Upgrade Plan>, click Prepare For Upgrade under the Gateways Requiring Upgrade.

  2. In the Upgrade Gateways in All Upgrade Groups, select either Software Upgrade or Image Upgrade.

  3. (Optional) Make sure the Software Upgrade is toggled on for the Software Upgrade. By default, the dry run and software upgrade options are both on.

  4. Click Begin.

  5. Click Start Next Upgrade when each group upgrade has completed.

  6. You can click View Progress to check the status of Upgrading Status.

Cancel All Pending Gateway Upgrades

You cannot cancel or stop a Gateway Group Upgrade in progress. However, you can cancel the pending gateway upgrades once the first gateway group upgrade completes. To cancel all the pending gateway upgrades:

  1. Confirm the completion of the first gateway group upgrade.

  2. Click the dropdown caret adjacent to Start Next Upgrade within the Software Upgrade section.

  3. From the drop-down menu, click Stop All Upcoming Upgrade to cancel all pending Gateway Group Upgrades.