About WebGroups

WebGroups are groupings of domains or URLs, inserted into Distributed Cloud Firewall rules, that filter (and provide security to) Internet-bound traffic.

webgroup default

From this tab you can save views, filter intrusion results, and download the results in a CSV file.

You must create WebGroups before creating any Distributed Cloud Firewall rules that utilize WebGroups.

To filter HTTPS traffic with a URL-based WebGroup (this is the only protocol supported for URLs), TLS Decryption must be enabled in the rule where the WebGroup is used.

When you navigate to Security > Distributed Cloud Firewall > WebGroups, a predefined WebGroup, 'All-Web', has already been created for you (if no other WebGroups exist). This predefined WebGroup cannot be deleted.

This is an "allow-all" WebGroup that you must select in a Distributed Cloud Firewall rule if you do not want to limit the Internet-bound traffic for that rule, but you still want to log the FQDNs that are being accessed.

Prior to Release 7.1.3006, the default WebGroup was named 'Any-Web' and was created by CoPilot. If you still have this WebGroup, you can modify it (if it is being used by Distributed Cloud Firewall rules) or delete it (if it is not used by any Distributed Cloud Firewall rules) so that it is not confused with the default 'Any-Web' WebGroup created by Controller.

Creating WebGroups

To create a new WebGroup:

  1. On the Security > Distributed Cloud Firewall > WebGroups tab, click +WebGroup.

  2. Configure the following:

    Field Description


    Enter a name for the WebGroup.


    Domains or URLs

    In the Domains/URLs field, enter the domains or URLs. You can enter either domains or URLs in one WebGroup; they cannot be mixed.


    Enter the domains or URLs for the WebGroup.

    Domain examples: google.com, www.microsoft.com, *.amazonaws.com

    URL example: github.com/AviatrixFieldEng/

  • Domain example: *.amazonaws.com

  • URL example: github.com/AviatrixFieldEng/

    Domains can start with *. (asterisk and dot). Another valid domain is only an asterisk. Domains can also contain -(dash), _(underscore), alphanumeric, and dots.

    A domain is only valid if characters are alphanumeric, dots, dashes, underscores, or asterisks. The domain can start with any of these characters except for asterisks (for example, you can use google.com or *.google.com, but not *google.com).

    Any TLS protocol is supported for domains, along with HTTP.

  1. Click Save.

Editing a WebGroup

You cannot edit the Any-Web WebGroup.
  1. Click the Edit 25 icon next to a WebGroup. You can edit the Name, Type, and Domain/URLs of the WebGroup.

  2. Click Save.

Deleting a WebGroup

You cannot delete the Any-Web WebGroup.
  1. Click the Delete 25 icon next to the WebGroup.

  2. Click Delete to confirm you want to delete the selected WebGroup.