FireNet Vendor Integration

The Vendor Integration function allows you to log into a firewall or firewall manager and change the route table on the firewall to program the routing for FireNet, or to change routing if a gateway in FireNet fails.

You can also use Vendor Integration to configure the RFC 1918 and non-RFC 1918 routes between the Aviatrix Gateway and the vendor’s firewall instance.

You can only configure information on this dialog if a firewall is already attached to the Transit FireNet.

Configuring Vendor Integration

  1. From the FireNet Gateways tab, right-click the vertical ellipsis icon 25 in a FireNet Gateway row and select Vendor Integration.

  1. In the Vendor Integration dialog, select Through Firewall or Through Firewall Manager.

    You should only select the latter if the Vendor is a Palo Alto firewall (managed by Panorama).

  1. Configure the following:

    Field Description


    Name of the attached firewall (this is pre-populated with the name of the attached firewall).

    Firewall Manager Vendor (Through Firewall Manager option only)

    Palo Alto Networks Panorama

    Management IP Address

    Management IP address of the firewall.

    Vendor (Through Firewall option only)

    Firewall vendor (Palo Alto Networks VM-Series, Fortinet FortiGate, Check Point CloudGuard).

    Authentication (Check Point CloudGuard)

    Password or Private Key

    Username (Check Point, Palo Alto)

    Username for logging on to the firewall.

    Password (Check Point, Palo Alto)

    Password for logging on to the firewall.

    Private Key (Check Point)

    If you selected Private Key authentication for your Check Point firewall, you must upload the private key here.

    FireNet Instance

    Template Name (Firewall Manager Vendor only)

    Name of the template.

    Template Stack Name (Firewall Manager Vendor only)

    Name of the Template Stack.

    Route Table


    API Token (Fortinet FortiGate only)

    API token generated from the Fortinet FortiGate instance

  1. Click Save.

Revoking Vendor Integration

You cannot revoke vendor integration for FireNet gateways that have the Generic vendor selected.

To revoke Vendor Integration:

  1. Select Vendor Integration as per step 1 above, and then click Revoke Integration on the dialog.

  2. You are prompted to remove If you are sure you want to revoke the vendor integration for this firewall. If you want to do so, click Revoke.

Syncing Routes to Firewall

You can click Sync Routes to Firewall on the FireNet Gateway Vendor Integration tab (you must configure vendor integration first) or the details panel for the firewall, to ensure that the FireNet routes are synced to the selected firewall.

Since vendor integration requires that the firewall be pinged periodically, you should configure the 'ping' ability in the respective firewall UIs.