Creating a Resource Utilization Report

Create a resource utilization report to understand telemetry statistics about your managed resources.

About a Resource Utilization Report

A resource utilization report provides telemetry statistics about your Aviatrix gateways and other managed resources.

Create a Resource Utilization Report

Create a report that summarizes the resource utilization (telemetry) data for Aviatrix gateways in a single cloud or across all clouds in your multicloud network. CoPilot exposes approximately 80 performance metrics (system and network metrics). You can select from any or all performance metrics to report on for the time period you specify. Per gateway, when reporting on network metrics, CoPilot aggregates the metrics across all interfaces (default), or if specified, reports the metrics for each interface.

CoPilot shows all gateways that are managed by Aviatrix Controller in any of your clouds, regions, and VPC/VNets. You create a custom report by selecting options that guide you to include only those Aviatrix gateways and performance metrics you want in the report.

To create a resource utilization report:

  1. Go to Administration > Reports.

  2. For Resource Utilization Report, click Start.

  3. Select the period of time for which you want to report on resource utilization data. You can set the last hour, last day, last week, last month, or a custom time period.

  4. In Select gateway(s), select the checkboxes for all Aviatrix gateways for which you want to report on telemetry data. You can also choose to report on telemetry data for your controller. Note the following points:

    If you want to report on network metrics for any given gateway AND you want to see the network metrics broken down by interface (not gateway aggregate), you must select both the Show interface options checkbox and the applicable per-gateway Show per-interface graphs checkbox. You can select any or all interfaces.

    You can use the options in the table to do the following: * Search field: Search for gateways based on the following gateway properties: Gateway Name Gateway Type Cloud Region VPC Name VPC ID * Columns: Remove any gateway-property columns from the table that are shown by default. * Filters: Use custom filters to further narrow down the gateways to include in the report. Use the values for the gateway properties listed above to create your filters. * Use the menu of each column heading to control how information displays in the table or to hide a column. * Compact: Select the style of the report you want.

  5. For Select system metric(s) and Select network metric(s), select any or all metrics you want to include in the report.

  6. In Choose report format, select how you want the information to be organized in the report:

    • Group by metric (default): Each page in the report is a different metric with all selected gateways listed for that metric. This is useful if you want to compare metrics between gateways.

    • Group by gateway: Each page is a gateway with its own metrics listed.

  7. Click Create Report.

  8. (Optional) For reports that are grouped by metric, the metric charts use a linear scale by default. Depending on the data you are reporting on, you may choose to use a logarithmic scale. Enable logarithmic scale for charts by clicking on the slider.

  9. (Optional) Download the report using the blue download icon.

  10. (Optional) To generate another report, at the top of the Resource Utilization Report page, click the arrow to return to the main Reports page and repeat the procedure.