Monitoring System Health of Aviatrix-Managed Resources

You can monitor the system health of your Aviatrix-managed resources such as the health of virtual machines running Aviatrix Controller, Aviatrix CoPilot, and Aviatrix Gateways.

For an overview of your network’s health status and inventory, you can use the CoPilot Dashboard.

You can check the basic health status of your managed resources by creating a FlightCheck report. See Creating a FlightCheck Report.

You can set up alerts to notify you when the system health of a resource seems at risk. See Notifications (Alerts) about Network Events.

You can receive Aviatrix global health alerts. See Global Control Plane Health Alert and Global Network Health Alert.

You can check and compare resource telemetry data for your managed resources by generating performance charts. See Viewing Telemetry Data for Managed Resources.