Creating a FlightCheck Report

Create a FlightCheck report to understand basic health status of your managed resources.

About a FlightCheck Report

Create a report showing the results of validation checks run on your Aviatrix platform. A FlightCheck report will show you the following:

  • If your CSP account status is not intact (the IAM policy deviates from the Aviatrix default policy).

  • If backups are not configured.

  • If gateways are down.

  • If syslog is not configured.

  • If SAML login is not enabled.

  • If connections are down.

  • If your enterprise runs SAP, the resources communicating with SAP services (lists SAP known ports).

The report also shows your current Controller version, the latest Controller version, the Controller Apache version, and your current CoPilot version.

Create a FlightCheck report

To create a FlightCheck report:

  1. Go to Administration > Reports.

  2. For FlightCheck Report, click Start.

    The FlightCheck report is generated.