CoPilot Notifications Page Reference

The following table summarizes the views that are available in the CoPilot > Notifications page.

Notifications Page View Description


Tabular view of Aviatrix platform triggered alerts with search and filter capability.

CoPilot lists all alerts that were triggered and shows if they are still in a triggered (Open) state. You can open an alert from the list to view its lifecycle from the time it was first triggered to the time it was resolved. You can navigate to the Topology map where all the instances related to the alert are displayed (the map is filtered to show only alert-related instances).

CoPilot closes an alert automatically when the alert metric no longer meets the condition to trigger the alert. See also Resolving Alerts.

Alerts Configuration

The Alerts Configuration view has an editor and list section.


Editor for defining user-defined alert configurations, such as performance monitoring alerts for virtual machines running Aviatrix resources (gateways, Controller, CoPilot).


A list view of all Aviatrix alert configurations in place for your Aviatrix managed networks. This includes alert configurations for security features that are enabled. For example, threat-IP detection and anomaly detection alert configurations would be listed for ThreatIQ and Network Behavior Analytics, respectively. Configurations for resource-scaling alerts are also listed when alerting is enabled for resource-scaling policies.

Ability to pause and unpause notifications for any Aviatrix alert configuration.

Ability to delete Aviatrix alert configurations for user-defined alerts.

System Messages

Tabular view of Aviatrix platform system messages with search and filter capability.

System messages are shown for the Distributed Cloud Firewall feature only and for warning messages specifically. For example, if a SmartGroup exceeds a CIDR limit.


Tabular view of Aviatrix platform tasks with search and filter capability.

Tasks include the creation and editing of Aviatrix gateways.


Editor for defining email addresses and webhook channels for sending alert notifications.