Distributed Cloud Firewall

Security is built into every level of your Aviatrix network.

The Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall embeds network security across your entire cloud network infrastructure. With multiple deployment options, the Distributed Cloud Firewall can be deployed in a standalone mode to provide Internet perimeter security while using an existing transit, or on top of Aviatrix Multicloud Transit for full network traffic visibility and control.

The Aviatrix Distributed Cloud Firewall provides advanced security capabilities including Layer 4 visibility and policy enforcement, URL/FQDN Filtering (formerly Egress FQDN Filtering), Reputation-based Threat Detection/Prevention (ThreatIQ), transparent MITM decryption, and Advanced Threat Detection with Suricata. Aviatrix SmartGroups enable the Distributed Cloud Firewall to dynamically apply policies based on tags and attributes. The entire system is managed like a single virtual firewall.

Aviatrix encrypts all data in-transit. With Aviatrix high-performance encryption (HPE) you are not bound by standard IPSec throughput limitations, so you do not need to sacrifice performance for security. Build encrypted transit connections between cloud service providers (CSPs) and CSP regions to avoid the complexity and high latencies of direct connections.

With Aviatrix FireNet, you can also integrate firewalls from partners like Check Point, F5, Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks as part of your security implementation.