Editing VPN Gateways

To edit a VPN gateway:

  1. Go to Aviatrix CoPilot > Cloud Fabric > UserVPN.

  2. Select the Default VPN tab to edit a default VPN gateway or the Geo VPN tab to edit a GeoVPN gateway.

  3. Find the gateway’s group in the table and select the Edit icon at the end of its row.

    • You must edit the settings for an entire gateway group: UDP and ELB groups for default VPN gateways, and all GeoVPN gateways together. You can edit standalone default VPN gateways individually.

    • When you edit a Geo VPN gateway, you can only edit details like VPN CIDRs and instance sizes.

  4. Edit the gateway configuration as needed and click Save.

For more information on other gateway settings , see UserVPN Gateway Settings.