Creating TGW Connection Attachments

AWS TGW Connect enables you to connect your AWS TGW underlay to your Network Virtual Appliance (NVA) overlay using a GRE tunnel. This connection offers more bandwidth than an IPSec tunnel.

Refer to the following AWS articles for information about the attachments types involved (Transit Gateway Connect attachment and Transit Gateway Connect peer):

To create a TGW Connect in Aviatrix CoPilot:

  1. Go to Aviatrix CoPilot > Networking > Connectivity > AWS TGW tab > select the AWS TGW > select the Attachments tab.

  2. Click TGW Connection.

  3. Click + TGW Connection Attachment.

  4. Enter the following information:

Setting Value


Enter a name for the connection.

Transport Attachment

Select VPC to use a VPC or AWS Direct Connect to use AWS Direct Connect.

Transport VPC or AWS Direct Connect

  • If you selected VPC above, enter the name of the Transport VPC here.

  • If you selected AWS Direct Connect above, specify the Direct Connect here.

Network Domain

Click on the dropdown menu and select a Network Domain.

Click Save.

The TGW Connect is created. To view the task’s progress, go to Monitoring > Notifications > select the Tasks tab.

If you have the same prefix propagated into your TGW route table coming from VPN, Direct Connect, and Transit Gateway Connect attachments, AWS evaluates the best path in the following order:

Priority 1 – Direct Connect Gateway attachment

Priority 2 – Transit Gateway Connect attachment

Priority 3 – VPN attachment