About Gateway Keepalive

The keepalive speed is a global configuration that applies to all Aviatrix gateways. Aviatrix gateways send periodic keepalive messages to the Aviatrix Controller that enables the Controller to determine when a gateway’s state changes to monitor when a gateway is down.

The following table shows how frequently gateways send keepalive messages and how often the Controller processes these messages.

Speed Gateway sends keepalive Down detection


every 2 seconds

every 7 seconds


every 12 seconds

every 1 minute


every 1 minute

every 5 minutes

By default, the keepalive speed is set to Medium.

A gateway is considered to be in the UP state if the Controller receives at least 2 (out of a possible 5) messages from that gateway between two consecutive health checks. For example:

When set to Fast, the gateway down detection time is between 7 seconds and 14 seconds.

When set to Medium, the gateway down detection time is between 1 minute to 2 minutes.

Changing Gateway Keepalive Setting

To change the keepalive speed:

  1. In Aviatrix CoPilot, go to Cloud Fabric > Gateways > Settings tab.

  2. In Gateway to Controller Communication, from the Keep Alive Speed dropdown menu, select the speed.

  3. Click Save.