Edge Gateway Requirements

The following sections provide the Edge Gateway virtual machine and network port access requirements for Edge Gateway deployment.

Virtual Machine CPU and Memory Configurations

This table provides the CPU and memory specifications of the virtual machine instance supported for the Aviatrix Edge Gateway deployment.

Deployment Type Hardware Profile Storage Requirements Note


2 vCPU - 4GB

64 GB

<1Gbps Throughput


4 vCPU - 8GB

64 GB

<5Gbps throughput


8 vCPU - 16GB

64 GB

~10Gbps throughput


16 vCPU - 32GB

64 GB

~10Gbps throughput

We recommend that you do not change the Edge VM resource allocation after deploying it. Aviatrix support may not be able to assist with any issue that occurs on a system with customized resource allocation.

Over subscription of host resources can lead to a reduction of performance and your instance could become unstable. We recommend that you follow the guidelines and the best practices for your host hypervisor.

Aviatrix Edge Gateway Ports and Protocols

The Aviatrix Edge Gateway requires outbound access to communicate with the Aviatrix Controller. You must allow access on the specified ports on your firewall.

For all Edge Gateway outbound access requirements, see Aviatrix Products: Required Access for External Sites on the Aviatrix Customer Support website.