Onboarding Edge Hardware for the Aviatrix Edge Platform

For a list of the supported edge hardware, see Supported Edge Hardware for the Aviatrix Edge Platform.

For the edge device to be successfully onboarded, the MGMT interface of the edge device requires connectivity to the following public IP services/IP addresses.

Access to these services is required from the edge device outbound for device management and Gateway image download.

Service Service IP Port Purpose


TCP 443

Onboard edge device.


TCP 443

Required by Aviatrix Controller and CoPilot for device management.


TCP 443

Download Edge Gateway base image.

To onboard edge hardware, follow these steps.

  1. In Aviatrix CoPilot, go to Cloud Fabric > Edge > Devices tab.

  2. Click Onboard Device.

    Provide the following information.

    Parameter Description


    A name to identify the device.


    The Platform Account where to onboard the hardware.

    Hardware Configuration

    The edge hardware. Select one of the following:

    • DELL Dell Poweredge

    • HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen 10 V2

    Serial Number

    The serial number of the edge hardware.

    Expand Device Interface Configuration section and configure the MGMT (Management) interface. Skip the LAN and WAN interface configurations.

    Turn DHCP toggle to On for dynamic IP address assignment. Leave it Off for static IP address assignment.

    If DHCP is Off, enter the static IP for the Management port.

    Parameter Description

    Interface CIDR

    Enter the Management interface IP/mask

    Gateway IP

    Enter the IP address for the default gateway.

    Primary DNS

    Enter the primary DNS server IP address.

    Secondary DNS

    (Optional) Enter the secondary DNS server IP address.

  3. Save the configuration.

    • When DHCP is selected for MGMT interface, click Save.

    • When static IP is selected for MGMT interface, from the Save and Download Config drop-down menu, click Save.

      The configuration is downloaded to the local drive.

  4. Attach the configuration to the edge node by using the iLO interface on the edge device.

After the device is configured with the required onboarding settings, the device onboarding process starts. Once the process is complete, you can view the status of the device in CoPilot by navigating to Cloud Fabric > Edge > Devices tab. The device status should show as Connected.

Once the device is connected, you can deploy the Edge Gateway on the edge device.