Deleting a CoPilot Instance from Controller User Interface

If you deployed your CoPilot from the Controller user interface, you can delete the existing CoPilot — simple or fault tolerant (cluster) deployment — using the Delete Deployed CoPilot Instance option in Aviatrix Controller UI > Settings > CoPilot. You would delete the existing CoPilot, for example, if you accidentally launched the instance in the wrong VPC during deployment.

If you used the CoPilot instance for some time, note that you will lose all historical data in the instance when you delete it.

  1. Select the deployment type and click Delete. The CoPilot instance(s) is terminated in the cloud provider environment.

  2. Click OK on the confirmation dialog.

If you deployed your CoPilot by using Terraform scripts or from the CSP marketplace, you must delete the CoPilot instance from the cloud provider environment. See details in Deleting a CoPilot Instance.