Planning Your Deployment

The Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform (Aviatrix Platform) provides a single pane of glass that enables you to manage and support a single or multicloud network architecture.

The Aviatrix Platform includes the Controller and CoPilot elements. CoPilot is the user interface for configuration and visibility into the Aviatrix Platform. Controller is the core control plane that also provides an administrative API and Terraform interface.

For current pricing information, see the Aviatrix pages in the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) marketplaces.

You can deploy the Aviatrix Platform through any of the four major CSP marketplaces.

Before you deploy your Aviatrix services, be sure to read the following information about planning for the deployment of Aviatrix Controller and CoPilot.

Aviatrix recommends deployment on AWS or Azure, as these CSPs enable you to set up HA (High Availability) for resiliency.