CoPilot Deployment Methods

For AWS deployments of a single instance, use the Aviatrix launch experience at For more information, see the AWS Getting Started Guide.

You can deploy Aviatrix CoPilot directly from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) marketplaces (single instance only), by using Terraform scripts.

General Recommendation for Choosing Which Deployment Method

General recommendations for which deployment method to use are as follows:

  • For AWS, the recommended method is to subscribe to Controller and CoPilot by using the Launch Aviatrix experience, from which you can deploy using AWS Cloudformation. You can also deploy by using Terraform scripts or the Aviatrix Controller user interface.

  • For Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or OCI, use Terraform scripts.

Deploy from the CSP Marketplace

Deploying from the Azure, Google Cloud, or OCI CSP marketplace takes only a few clicks to provision and launch the instance. This method is particularly used for single-node use cases immediately after subscribing. You must subscribe to a CoPilot offer in the marketplace as a first step for all deployment methods. The marketplace deployment is not supported for a fault-tolerant (clustered) deployment. See Subscribe to a CoPilot Offer in the Marketplace.

Deploy by using Terraform Scripts

If you are knowledgeable in deploying infrastructure-as-code using Terraform, it is convenient to launch CoPilot by using Terraform scripts. You can launch a simple or clustered deployment using Terraform scripts. At this time only AWS and Azure are supported for launching a CoPilot clustered deployment using Terraform. A summary of steps for launching a single instance using Terraform is provided at Deploy CoPilot Using Terraform. Please refer to the Aviatrix Terraform Module for CoPilot for the most current instructions and samples on GitHub here:

Deploy from Aviatrix Controller User Interface

If your Controller is in AWS, you can launch a CoPilot simple (single) or fault-tolerant (clustered) deployment from the Aviatrix Controller user interface. This deployment method has its advantages because the associated auto-deploy process configures security group rules that are required for CoPilot and Controller and gateway interconnectivity. See Deploy CoPilot from your Controller UI (AWS Only).