Using Aviatrix CoPilot

Welcome to Aviatrix CoPilot! Aviatrix CoPilot provides a global operational view of your multicloud network. This section assumes you have deployed CoPilot, are logged in to the user interface application, and are now ready to take advantage of the cloud networking and security features Aviatrix offers.

Each feature in CoPilot was designed to solve a specific problem but using a few features together can solve many problems. Network Administrators, Cloud Administrators, Security Operations teams, Executives, and Finance teams can all benefit from CoPilot features. The following guides in the product documentation provide information for using Aviatrix CoPilot.

  • For information about building and deploying Aviatrix gateways onto your network environments so your cloud networks can be managed by Aviatrix Controller, see the Building Your Network.

  • For information about monitoring and troubleshooting your Aviatrix-managed network environments, see Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

  • For information about system administration of the Aviatrix CoPilot, see CoPilot System Administration.