Alerts Based on Gateway Status

You can configure alerts based on the number of gateways that match the following alert-trigger criteria:

  • Number of gateways in the DOWN state

  • Number of gateways in the KEEPALIVE_FAIL state

To configure alerts based on a number of gateways that are down or in a Keep Alive Fail state, do the following:

  1. In CoPilot, go to the Monitor > Notifications > Alerts Configuration page.

  2. Click + Alert Configuration.

  3. In Name, type the name you want to use for the alert.

  4. For Monitor, select Gateways.

  5. For Condition, select Gateway Status as the metric.

  6. Select Down or Keep Alive Fail or both for the value of the metric.

  7. In Minimum Count of Matching Entities, enter the number of gateways that must meet the above criteria before the alert can be triggered.

  8. In Recipients, select the email address or Webhook destination(s) where you want the alert to be sent.

  9. Click Save.