Aviatrix Controller Diagnostics

You can run diagnostics for your Aviatrix Controller instance.

See CoPilot > Diagnostics > Diagnostic Tools > Controller Diagnostics.

On the Controller Diagnostics page, select a tool from the Tools list.

Controller Diagnostics Tool Description


Run ping from the Controller virtual machine.

Type the IP address or host name of the host and click Run.


Run brief or extended diagnostics for CLOUDXD or PKI.

Restart any of the services (CLOUDXD, PKI, PERFMON, RSyslog, GlobalConfigDB, MongoDB, ConduitDaemon).

Only restart if advised by Aviatrix Support.

Command Log

View Controller command logs.

Click Refresh to refresh the latest logs.

Event Log

View Controller event logs by event type.

Click Refresh to refresh to the latest logs.


Run a comprehensive diagnostics report that you can download and analyze or send to Aviatrix support. Provides details on routes, NTP, DNS, SSH, IPsec, and other services operating on the gateway to aid in identifying active or inactive services.