Monitoring Latencies

CoPilot provides visibility into latencies between connections in your Aviatrix transit network.

You can view latency information as follows:

  • Traffic & Latencies page: On the Monitor > Traffic & Latencies > Latencies page, you can see detailed latencies, historically for the last hour, last day, last week, and last month, for all links (connections) between managed resources. You can use the date picker to view historical latencies for a custom timeframe. You can filter the historical latency information by search field, such as by the name of a specific gateway to view historical latencies that relate only to that gateway.

  • Topology map: In the Topology page, a solid or dotted line shows if there is an HPE connection between gateways located in different VPC/VNets. Click a connection in the topology map to show the latency information for that connection in the right-hand pane.

    You can also display the average latency for all VPC/VNet connections in the Topology map.

  • AppIQ report: In AppIQ, the latency information for the connections between the two instances you specify (for source and destination instances) is included in the AppIQ report results.