Creating a Highly Available Transit Gateway Instance

You can create highly available (HA) Transit gateway instance during or after a Transit Gateway is created.

A Transit Gateway can have up to two highly available gateway instances.

To create a highly available gateway instance during a Transit Gateway creation, see Creating a Transit Gateway.

To create a highly available gateway instance after a Transit Gateway is created, follow these steps.

  1. In CoPilot, go to Cloud Fabric > Gateways > Transit Gateways tab.

  2. In the table, locate the Transit Gateway and click the Edit icon on the right side of its row.

  3. In the Edit Transit Gateway dialog, scroll down to the Instances section and click + Instance.

    A new row is added.

    1. From the Attach to Subnet dropdown menu, select the subnet in which to create the Transit gateway instance.

      All gateway instances are created in active-active state and will forward network traffic in an event of tunnel failure between a Spoke VPC/VNet and Transit VPC/VNet. For best practice, each highly available gateway instance should be created in a different public subnet in a different availability zone, if available.

    2. From the Public IP dropdown menu, select a public IP to allocate to the gateway instance or leave at Allocate New Static Public IP.

  4. Click Save.