Transit Gateway to Cisco Router over the Internet Workflow

  1. In CoPilot navigate to Cloud Fabric > Gateways > Transit Gateways.

  2. Create a Transit gateway that will connect to the Cisco Router.

  3. To connect the Transit VPC gateway to the Cisco Router, go to Networking > Connectivity > External Connections (S2C) and follow these instructions.

  4. Download the configuration.

  5. Ensure that your Cisco Router is configured based on the information in the downloaded file. The following is a sample configuration based on the Site2Cloud configuration above.

The tunnel IP addresses are configured accordingly with the configuration file downloaded above.
  1. After configuring the Cisco Router, in CoPilot navigate to Diagnostics > Cloud Routes > External Connections to confirm that the tunnel status has changed from Down to Up.

  2. Navigate to Diagnostics > Cloud Routes > BGP Info to check the BGP routes. The Status should be Established. If some external connections for the selected Transit Gateway are Not Established, the overall BGP Status for the Transit Gateway is Partially Established.