Transit Gateway Peering with High Performance Encryption Workflow

Aviatrix Transit Gateway peering over public network expands Aviatrix Transit Gateway peering across multicloud where the connection between cloud service providers is over the internet. The Aviatrix Controller builds multipe tunnels between the peered transit gateways using High Performance Encryption (HPE) Mode, enabling high performance data throughput and data security.

For more information about Multicloud Transit Gateway encrypted peering, see the following documents:




  1. Upgrade Aviatrix Controller to the latest version. Refer to Upgrading the Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform.

  2. Create and launch the Aviatrix Transit Gateways with HA and High Performance Encryption Mode enabled in the clouds where you want to establish peered transit connection and attach the Spoke Gateways to the Transit Gateways. Refer to Multicloud Transit Network Workflow Instructions (AWS/Azure/GCP/OCI).

  • The Aviatrix Transit Gateway peering over public network solution requires HPE (High-Performance Encryption). Aviatrix Transit Gateways must have HPE enabled when the Transit Gateway is created for peered connection over the internet.

  • This solution requires ActiveMesh 2.0. To migrate to ActiveMesh 2.0, refer to Migrating to ActiveMesh 2.0.

Establishing Transit Gateway Peering over Public Internet

To establish transit gateway peering across cloud service providers over the internet:

  1. In Aviatrix CoPilot, go to Cloud Fabric > Gateways > Transit Gateways.

  2. Click the edit edit icon icon next to one of the Transit Gateways created in this workflow.

  3. In the Peer to Transit Gateways field, select the Transit Gateways to peer with your selected Gateway.

  4. Click Save. The Transit Gateways are now peered together. You can view this peering by clicking the name of the Transit Gateway, clicking the Connections tab, and then clicking Transit-Transit Peering. This tab also displays the Connection Status for the peered Gateways. The Status may take a few minutes to update.