Monitoring Inventory and Status of Managed Resources

This section describes how to check on the inventory and status of your Aviatrix-managed network.

About the CoPilot Dashboard

The Aviatrix CoPilot dashboard page offers a broad perspective on the inventory and health status of your deployment.

For a description of all data shown on the CoPilot Dashboard, see CoPilot Dashboard Page Reference.

In the Health section, the information more critical in determining network health is located to help you quickly determine the overall health of your network. This section provides links to other CoPilot pages where you can analyze the data in more detail.

First displayed in the dashboard is the geographic map showing the approximate location where managed VPC/VNets are located across the globe, along with the approximate location of threats in your network over the past 24 hours as compiled by ThreatIQ, and your blocked countries.

The following elements in the CoPilot Dashboard help you monitor your network’s health:

  • Card for Gateway Health

  • Card for Connection Health

  • Threats list

  • Card for Detected Intrusions

  • Card for CoPilot Health

  • Card for Controller Health

  • Alerts list

In the Resources section, CoPilot Dashboard shows an inventory of all resources across all clouds in your multicloud network that are managed by Aviatrix Controller.

Inventory cards show the number and DOWN status of each managed resource.

The count for number of gateways shown on the CoPilot Dashboard reflects the following:

  • For Controllers 7.1 and later, counts reflect the sum of gateways.

  • For Controllers 7.0 and earlier, counts reflect the sum of primary gateway instances.

Resource charts show a breakdown of each managed resource on a per cloud basis, the distribution of gateways by type (gateway pairs, not gateway instances), the number of access accounts per cloud, and more.

Monitoring Individual Instances for Gateways

The count for the number of gateways shown on the CoPilot Dashboard reflect gateways that currently exist in your Aviatrix-managed networks.

If you are troubleshooting a network problem and want to see a list of all gateway instances, you can open the CoPilot > Cloud Fabric > Gateways page, and from the applicable gateway view (Transit, Spoke, or Specialty), locate the table row of the desired gateway.

On the respective Gateway pages, you can click the ellipsis button 20 and select Gateway Diagnostics to run diagnostics from any gateway instance.