Monitoring Resource Utilization of Managed Resources

This section describes the Performance feature of Aviatrix CoPilot.

In the Monitor > Performance page, CoPilot shows resource utilization data or telemetry statistics for managed resources (Aviatrix gateways) across your Aviatrix multicloud or single cloud transit network.

You can filter telemetry data based on one or more hosts located in any cloud. When choosing multiple gateways, CoPilot displays the data for each host in comparative graphs.

You can also filter based on time period (last 15, 30, 60 minutes; last 24 hours, last seven days, or show a Live View).

Select one or multiple telemetry metrics to monitor and the applicable hosts, and CoPilot dynamically creates the graphs.

If you want to use the Aviatrix Network Insights API, you can download the Metrics API Specification from the More menu 25. This option only appears if you have already enabled the Network Insights API feature.

Hover over the plotted nodes in the graphs to view the statistics for each host.

You can click Save or Save As after selecting your telemetry filters (metrics and gateways) to save that particular view. The saved views are then available from a second drop-down on the Performance page.

After selecting a saved view, you can:

  • Clear it and select another saved view

  • Select new metrics/gateways and create or save another view

Conntrack-Limits Network Performance Metrics

(AWS Cloud) You can monitor the following conntrack-limits network performance metrics for Aviatrix Gateway instances:

  • Conntrack Allowance Available — Reports the number of available tracked connections that can be established before an instance’s Connections Tracked allowance is exceeded. This metric is supplied by the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) driver only on AWS.

  • Conntrack Usage Rate — The rate at which conntrack capacity is being used up in connections per second. The Conntrack Usage Rate metric is only available in AWS where the Conntrack Allowance Available (conntrack_allowance_available) metric is present.

To view performance graphs of these metrics for your Aviatrix gateways:

  1. Go to CoPilot > Monitor > Performance page.

  2. Select the applicable gateway(s).

  3. Select the Conntrack Allowance Available metric.

  4. Select the Conntrack Usage Rate metric.

  5. Select the applicable ethx interfaces to monitor.

  6. Click Apply.