Importing UserVPN Users

You can import UserVPN users in CSV format. The table must contain the following columns:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Profile

  • VPN Gateway

  • Saml Endpoint

  • Issue Date

The name of the CSV file must be <filename>-xxxx.csv (error message may be misleading-- opened Jira ticket).

Only users who are not already in the Users list are added.

  1. In CoPilot go to Cloud Fabric > UserVPN > Users.

  2. Click the caret (^) next to + VPN User and select Import VPN Users from CSV.

  3. In the Import VPN Users dialog, click Upload to upload the CSV file.

  4. Select the file from the Finder or Explorer window and click Upload.

  5. In the Import VPN Users dialog, click Upload.

Exporting UserVPN Users

  1. Export UserVPN users by clicking the download icon on the UserVPN > Users tab and selecting Download as CSV.

  2. After the CSV file is downloaded to your computer you can open it in your desired application.