Creating a VPN User

After at least one gateway is created, you can add VPN users.

To create a VPN user:

  1. Go to Aviatrix CoPilot > Cloud Fabric > UserVPN > select the Users tab.

  2. Click + VPN User.

  3. Enter the following information:

    Setting Description


    Enter the name of the new user.


    Enter the user’s email. Instructions and VPN configuration files are sent to this email address.

    VPN Gateway

    The VPN Gateway for this user’s access. See the VPN Gateway Guide for more information about default VPN vs. GeoVPN gateways.

    You can also attach a VPN user to a VPN gateway from the Users tab.

    Base Policy

    (Optional) Select Allow All to allow this user to access any CIDR.

    Select Deny All to deny this user access to any CIDR. You can use VPN Profiles to specify exceptions to either Base Policy.


    Select a previously created profile for your selected Base Policy type (optional).

    SAML Endpoint

    Select a SAML endpoint that was previously created on the UserVPN > Settings tab.

  4. Click Save.

The user is saved. An email is sent from with instructions on how to download client software and connect to a VPN server.

If you would like to assign user profile-based policies, you need to create profiles first. See Creating a UserVPN Profile.